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Caterpillar Brode Review on ShoeVariety

Working in a warehouse or on a construction site makes you an expert, actually more of a connoisseur, of workplace footwear. You get to know the nice features of the boot, the little irritations, almost where every stitch in the boot is placed. If you break the boot in properly, it will conform to your foot nicely. But what if you don’t like to wear work boots? I happen to like the freedom shoes give me, but are work shoes as safe as work boots?

I think they can be. Caterpillar, the premier maker of workplace shoes, in my opinion, makes four types of work shoes under the Brode line sold on All look like sneakers and all but one have steel toe protection. All have slip resistant rubber outsoles and are breathable with the nylon mesh lining. Ratings on the internet run from 4 stars to 4 ½ stars, with most of the comments saying the shoes are extremely comfortable and lighter than expected with the same protection of a heavier boot. Many customers say that they would buy them again.

When I wore them, I experienced the same reactions, except mine were a little too narrow for my foot making the steel feel a bit uncomfortable for my toes. Exchanging them for a one half size bigger solved the problem. I love the fact that they are stylish as well as protective. I can go from the worksite to dinner and only have to change my clothes. They are comfortable enough to wear all day, Two of the styles come as hi-tops, and the other’s look like regular lo-top sneakers.

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While reading the other reviews of this shoe, I came across one in which someone wore them for the first time while working a job in Guatemala. He liked the shoes because of their “ruggedness and usability.” I don’t think I could say it any better than that.

If you like the style of this shoe, I also recommend you check out the Caterpillar Concave which are in the same Cat Footwear family of work shoes and have been getting rave reviews from our customers.

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