Review: Caterpillar Neder Men's Sneakers

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Caterpillar Neder Men's Shoes

This is the shoe to wear in warm weather. You can use these shoes to go on a three month hiking tour of South American and still come back looking great! I wasn’t fortunate enough to do this trip, but a friend of mine was. He found them light and cool, and great for the climates he went through.

The Neder has 4 ½ stars in online ratings and is our highest selling spring/summer shoe. Most of our customers that purchase the Caterpillar Neder say that it is an “excellent quality shoe that is both durable and good looking.” 

During my test trial, I found them comfortable as the cushioned footbed provides great arch support. They are light and breathable, with a soft upper canvas. What I found most interesting about the Neder was the protected toe and heel. When I use these shoes for hiking this feature comes in handy as I am always stubbing my toe or sliding my heel down a rock. It also helps that the shoe is slip resistant with a T8aa Molded Rubber Outsole. The specs say that the soles are also vulcanized construction, which after a little bit of research I found out is a process of heating the rubber so that it bonds together and makes it tough, but stretchable and easy to wear.

I guess my biggest complaint about the shoe is it sometimes runs big. I purchased one that was true to fit, but for my second pair I had to go a size down. Each pair was equally comfortable. carries two colors of this remarkable shoe. 

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