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Are you looking for a versatile casual boot that is both hardy and looks good? Look no further than the Caterpillar Colorado. You can take this boot from work to play with no problem. They will look great and they come in lots of colors, too! My favorite is the Caterpillar Colorado Jeans 6” boot.

It has both leather and denim construction, so you can wear jeans and maybe a dressy shirt and not have to worry about changing your shoes.

All the Cat Colorado’s are durable and stable because they are made with welt construction. This is important to me as I’m on my feet most of the day and don’t want to buy new boots every 5 months. These boots are also made with suede or full grain leather uppers and fit true to size, so they need to be broken in just like every other work boot. The coolest thing about them, though, is that they are both breathable and waterproof!

The traction on the shoes works well. You can use them at work or even take them hiking. The soles are thick with wide and deep treads, so they grip the surface of what you’re walking on without you having to worry if you are going to slip. They work fantastic walking up and down icy roads or slippery rocks if you are hiking.

The only thing I don’t like about the Colorado is they don’t come in a steel-toed version, so if you are doing construction or anything else that requires steel toe boots, check out one of the other Caterpillar safety work boots. But they still look amazing and worth having in your closet. I’ve convinced several of my friends to look at the boots and most have purchased at least one pair.

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