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Everyone knows Adidas. One of the most popular athletic footwear companies, Adidas is known as a great shoe with amazing colors. You can find a color that makes you stand out in a crowd! Adidas has three types of Vigor athletic shoes, the Vigor 4, Vigor 5 and Vigor 6.

Vigor 4 rates about 4.5 online with most people finding them comfortable, high quality, supportive and having great traction. I find them a great workout shoe, since the tread grips really well and I can run on the road or trail. These sneakers are very light so they don’t weigh me down. Be careful with indoor surfaces as it can get slippery. After a run in the morning, after night time showers, the shoes were slightly wet. Walking inside, I almost slipped.

Vigor 5 is a comfortable shoe and great for working out at the gym. I even know people that wear them when they play softball and love them. I found that they are extremely slippery, both inside and out. They do however run a bit small. They were very comfortable when I found a size that fit. They are the right choice for many people but I just don’t think that they work as well for me.

Vigor 6, on the other hand, are both comfortable and stylish. Made of a lightweight, breathable material, and a tread that grips, I found them a great running shoe. Like most Adidas shoes, they can run a little narrow, but this is my favorite of the three. The ratings online give this shoe 4.5 stars and I agree. I would recommend getting the right size for your foot, because the material can wear out quickly if not properly fitted.

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Each of these shoes have pros and cons, but the fit mostly depends on your foot shape and size. As long as you find the right shoe for you, I believe that you won’t want to wear anything else. 

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