5 Shoes Every Self-Respecting Man Should Have In His Closet

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When you put on a pair of shoes you need to think about what your choices say about you. Portraying yourself as a capable, marketable person can be very important. Shoes can go a long way to completing an outfit and putting the finishing touches on an otherwise dull outfit. 

Tennis/Skate Shoe

Men's Tennis Shoes & Sneakers

Easygoing footwear is essential - a part of each man's way of life. You shouldn’t be in the workplace constantly! When you're unwinding during the weekend, odds are you decide on an incredibly comfortable pair of pants and a sweatshirt. When you are embracing this relaxed feeling, you need some relaxed sneakers to match. These shoes can be worn with a skinny pant, displaying your shoe-confidence by bringing more attention to the shoe, or they can be worn with any pair of jeans – cuffed or straight leg. These are the shoes you should be wearing to watch the big game at your best friend’s house, going to the local pub for trivia night, or on a trip to Home Depot to browse your future honey-do lists.


The Confident Casual Shoe 

Sometimes a skate or tennis shoe is too casual for your so-called casual event. These are the relaxed but somewhat formal evenings where you need to impress. Its Saturday night and you have a first date planned. You need a shoe that says “I’m a proper stylish gentlemen, but I don’t take myself too seriously to the point that it’s going to annoy you.” This is that shoe. This shoe should look flawless combined with a straight jean. In fact anything with a thin understated sole in muted colours will do. You may be tempted to go with a bit of colour here, but don’t overdo it. Better to err on the side of caution with this type of shoe, or it will be bumped into the category above.

Black Dress Shoe

For those high-forehead formal events, or for a standard day at work, the dark dress shoe is an exemplary piece of footwear to possess. There are no special cases to this guideline. There are numerous styles of dress shoe you can claim to blend and coordinate with your slacks and suits. The only rules about dress shoes that seem to be holding any sway is the importance of a thin sole. The days of clunky doc martins are thankfully behind us.


Men's Casual Boots

Brown Dress Shoe

In today’s design world, brown dress shoes are a must. It starts with the lighter brown belt to go with the lighter blue suit, and all of a sudden you need a pair of brown shoes. Having brown shoes lets people know that you’re not a one trick pony or a one suit wonder. You have depth, and you’re not afraid to show it. While black shoes are still great and still the most appropriate option for ultra-formal events, brown shows have turned into a worthy option for events that are less formal, yet still legitimate — like the board room or meeting her parents for the first time. Brown dress can also be worn with clothes other than the typical blue suit. Try them with coloured chinos, or ‘really blue’ blue jeans. As mentioned above, make sure you have a matching brown belt to go with the shoes. If you’re really dedicated to pulling off the brown shoed outfit, you can also go with a brown leather watch and call it 100% complete.


The Ankle Boot

The low cut boot is an essential shoe to add to your collection — particularly for the fall. It's a utilitarian piece because you can wear it in many different ways. For example, you can wear it with a matching suit or just about any pants and it will supplement your look effectively. A dark leather, square-toed boot is a prime example of a modern shoe that you can combine with just about any jeans.

In the event that you feel somewhat lost with regards to building a closet that you can dip into for any event, adding these five shoes to your attire will be a great way to start. Having these shoes on hand and easily accessible will mean you’re able to promptly finish any outfit for any event that should arise – planned or otherwise. Once you have the major building block to your shoe wardrobe in place, you can start building from there and fill in the blanks. Happy shoe shopping! 

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